It is not the trophies that Bosconians bring back home that matter; but the Bosconian Image they bring out to the watching world.

The Sports Program

The Don Bosco Technology Center Sports program is committed to providing every Bosconian who will commit himself to sports an enjoyable learning experience. DBTC understands that the primary reason that young athletes participate in sports is first of all to have fun while competing with each other. We believe every athlete matters and should be given the opportunity to learn and improve his/her knowledge and skills, and we will provide that opportunity. And we believe that while competing to win is important, the greater value lies in competing with honor, practicing good sportsmanship and being gracious in victory and defeat.

A Winning Team! Don Bosco Technology Center-Cebu joins pursuing victory with honor campaign.

Committed to promoting the Six Pillars of Character-Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship- in interscholastic athletics, Don Bosco technology Center proudly announces its involvement with Pursuing Victory With Honor campaign to build character through Sports.

The Football Program

The Football Program is headed by Bro. Mari Aberasturi and Mr. Glen Ramos, a former national Player in Football. The school has patterned its football training program after the famous Dutch Football School Training Program.


Inspiring – three Bosconians consoling a crushed opponent after their victory!

The School has different teams for Boys 6 Under, Boys 8 Under, Boys 10 Under, Boys 12 Under, Boys 14 Under, Boys 16 Under, Boys Under 19.

Don Bosco Technology Center has been a football powerhouse since its establishment in 1954. Italian and Spanish Priests and Brothers brought their football enthusiasm to the boys of Don Bosco Cebu. Ever since, Don Bosco has been synonymous with grass root football in Cebu.



The Basketball Program

The Basketball Program of DBTC has produced athletes that can now match the Basketball Powerhouses of Cebu. The most outstanding product of DBTC is PBA Player Dondon Hontiveros of San Miguel.

The program started in the 1990’s with the dedication of Bosconian Parents who gave their time and effort in retooling our Basketball Program.

The first Bosconian Parent who helped us with our basketball program was Mr. Butch Orosco, a former MICAA player and PBA Player. His Passerelle Team made us First-Runner-up in the National Finals held in Baguio in 1993.

The second Bosconian Parent who helped us with our basketball program was Mr. Hermes Sumalinog, a former UV Lancer and MICAA player too. His dedication has made us at par with the Cebu basketball Powerhouses like UV and UC. His greatest achievement was steering DBTC to the National Inter-Secondary Basketball Tournament held in Cebu in 1996. DBTC managed to be in the finals but ended as First-Runner-up. He also steered the Passerelle teams to various Championships in Cebu and in regional Milo tournaments. He has led too the DBTC Junior Basketball to be Champions of the Inter-Catholic Basketball Tournament for 5 consecutive years. His team also won the championship crown in the First National Bosco Olympics held in Don Bosco Makati in 2001.

Today, the basketball program is led by another Bosconian Parent, Mr. Rudy Enterina, a former PBA Player. He has led our Passerelle teams back on track as champions of Cebu. He led DBTC to another runner-up finish a against power house UV at the 2004 CESAFI. He finally led the DBTC Greywolves to the Championship at the Kuwarta Padala Summer League 2005, and he again led the Greywolves to 2 consecutive championships at the Bosco Olympics of 2005 in Cebu and 2006 in Pampanga.

The Basketball Program starts in Grade three after the students have undergone 2 years of football training for footwork and body coordination.

The Volleyball Program

The Volleyball Program of DBTC is led by Mr. Maxel Semblante. He has led the DBTC Greywolves to 5 consecutive championships in the National Don Bosco Olympics.

The Volleyball Program starts in Grade Five after the students have undergone 4 years of football training for footwork and body coordination

Sports Clubs

1. Taekwondo
2. Chess
3. Pingpong
4. Tennis
5. Badminton