Curriculum / Recognition & Accreditation

Recognition & Accreditation

  • Recognized by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Board of Mechanical Engineering as the 2nd placer in the October 2007 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination.
  • Recognized by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a Pioneering Institution in the implementation of Ladderized Education System under E.O. 358.
  • Recognized by Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation Inc. (CFIF) for its commitment to training, being one of the cooperating companies of CFIF’s Training Program on Furniture and Cabinet Making and Production Capability for Furniture Manufacturing Programs.


Bachelor of Science in Technical Education (BSTE)

This is a four-year degree program for Technical Educators. It equips the graduate with hands on experience in the chosen technical specialization prior to his/her formation in the field of education. The standard education subjects are specially adapted to match the needs and competencies of a world-class Technical-Vocational Instructor for young and adult learners. The five-month company exposure at the near end of the course enhances the graduating students’ technician skills while serving as a possibility for a sure job after graduation.

A pioneer in the implementation of the Ladderized Education System under E.O. 358, given on July 12, 2006; awarded with a Certificate of Recognition by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and the Commission on Higher Education
Different Field of Specializations:

  • BSTE Major in Industrial Electronics – Computer Hardware Servicing NC II
    BSTE Major in Mechanical Technology – Machining NC I & II and PC Operations NC II
    BSTE Major in Furniture Technology – Carpentry NC II

Primary Career Options:

  • Engineering Maintenance in Industries
  • Licensed Teacher in post-secondary or secondary Technical-Vocational Institutions



Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Specializing in Production Engineering (BSIE-PE)

An industrial engineer with a 100% employable tech-voc competence in furniture making and carpentry is the minimum benefit of this program. At its best, the program graduates an Industrial Manager ready and fit to uplift and maximize the output of companies, especially Furniture Companies, with working knowledge in wood, wrought iron and resin media for furniture manufacturing.

Further, DBTC-College is the only School in Cebu offering the BSIE in Production Engineering. The program includes the skill to construct wood and mixed media for home and office furniture for local and international market. Hence, while forming students who can play leading roles in the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems for people, materials, information, equipment and energy, the same students also possess a focused technician skill in furniture.
Primary Career Options:

  • Planning Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Methods Analyst
  • Quality Engineer
  • Productivity Specialist


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
Specializing in Machine Design and Manufacturing (MDM)

This is a five-year program with a 100% employable technical-vocational competence in machining as its minimum benefit. At its best, the program graduates a LEADER in manufacturing, equipped with the working knowledge in machining, tool & die, welding, casting, plastics, electroplating, electro-mechanics, computer aided design & manufacturing, and industrial management. A totally a different breed of Mechanical Engineers ready to face the needs of today’s industry. In November 2007, DBTC-College BSME-Graduates made DBTC-College the second best performing school in the whole Philippines in Mechanical Engineering and the top performing in the province of Cebu.

The program is Mechanical Engineering with improved features. First, there is an intensive training in metal fabrication and machining skills. Second, it exposes the students to electrical and electronics laboratory hands-on. The above features make the student a multi-skilled or a mechanical-electronic technician.
Primary Career Options:

  • A Machine Designer and Manufacturer – plans the design and development of devices, equipment and systems used by consumers and industries alike. Develop machines that process materials into products, as well as systems that improve manufacturing efficiency.
  • An Automation Designer for a Manufacturing Plant – designs the control systems involving electrical, mechanical and electronic components.


Bachelor of Arts Major in Religious Education and Pastoral Communication
(AB-ReEd and PasCom)

The AB in Religious Education and Pastoral Communication is a four-year, CHED-approved course. It is primarily intended for the seminarians of the Salesians of Don Bosco but is also open to other religious congregations and lay people who intend to professionalize their Religious Studies and be able to express this in a culturally accepted and modern means.

Those who take up this course in Religious Education upon completion of studies will have a solid knowledge of the Catholic Faith and Catechism and become effective teachers of the faith, especially to the young and are able to communicate this faith using modern means.


Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering (BSECE)

An expert in handling electronics equipment is the forte of the graduate.

Primary Career Options:

  • Work opportunities in the Telecommunication Industries here and abroad
  • Doing business related to solid-state technology and semi-conductor applications