ICT Office


How to use the SCHOOLAUTOMATE for Parents/Students?

1. Go to DBTC website www.dbtc-cebu.edu.ph and click “School Automate” link

2. Click College Link for Outside DBTC
Click Local Link for Within DBTC

3. Click Parents/Students link

4. Enter username and password
by default username: “student id”
password: 12345
or the student already created the username and password

note: Students are required to give their username and password to their
parentsDBTC CAMPUS (2)

5. To view Enrolled Subjects > Click Enrollment then Select Subjects Enrolled

6. To view Statement > Click Accounts

7. To view Grades > Click Academic Performance Monitoring
– Select Grading per Exam Period
– Select type, terms and school year then click Proceed
ex: Midterms, 1st semester, 2010 to 2011

8. To exit, click Logout…