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Education is a matter of the heart. In Don Bosco Educators strive to be loved by their students that in the end the students learn also to love discipline.




The Philosophy of Education 



  • As a Catholic Educational Institution, Don Bosco Technology Center, Inc. (DBTC, INC.) believes in the uniqueness of every person created in the image and likeness of God. As a unique individual he is endowed with natural and supernatural gifts that enable him to BECOME A GOOD CHRISTIAN, fully knowing and desiring life’s ultimate purpose – UNION WITH GOD
  • As a Filipino Educational Institution, DBTC, INC. believes in (a) inculcating love for the country through the preservation and promotion of the Filipino culture and heritage as well as (b) guiding the young to become HONEST CITIZENS who can make “heroic” contribution to society.
  • As a Salesian Educational Institution, DBTC, INC. believes in the educational methodology practiced by St. John Bosco known as the PREVENTIVE SYSTEM, a system anchored on the three pillars of REASON, RELIGION, AND LOVING-KINDNESS and implemented through ACTIVE PRESENCE.
  • As a Salesian Community, DBTC, INC. believes in the involvement of everyone who has the heart of Don Bosco’s mission to form part of the Educative Pastoral Community (administrators, personnel, teachers, parents, students, alumni and other lay mission partners) bonded by the family spirit of St. John Bosco. DBTC, INC. believes that the active physical presence of the Educative Community in the activities of the young is the most effective way to educate them inspired by St. John Bosco’s motto: “Da Mihi Animas Coetera Tolle” (Give me souls; take away the rest).



The Core Values

From the above the following Core Values are gathered, life-giving values which we hold on to like air, water ad sustenance:

  • GOOD CHRISTIANS – as a Catholic school we aim to make Good Christians of everyone most specially our students. This is contained in the phrase adapted by Don Bosco from St. Francis of Sales: “Give me souls and take away the rest.
  • HONEST CITIZENS – aside from being citizens of heaven, we are inhabitants of this earth. As such we also build the society in which we live while in this world.  This we do by making of everyone an honest citizen able to contribute to the building up of a more humane, just and productive society.
  • PREVENTIVE SYSTEM – Don Bosco left us an educational system which was ahead of his time, which he called the Preventive System. This has been proven effective in as much as it has produced saints and heroes of the Bosconians who trained under the Preventive System.
  • REASON, RELIGION, KINDNESS – the same system of Education promulgates three pillars: reason – because a follower readily obeys only a well understood and rational rule; religion – after all human efforts in teaching, God still holds the key to anyone’s conversion; kindness – only in an atmosphere of confidence, trust and especially love will education happen.
  • ACTIVE PRESENCE – The last element of love is effectively practiced through the educator’s loving, active and constant presence with the educand that assures unfailing support especially in times of doubt or confusion.
  • EXCELLENCE – Don Bosco commanded us “do your ordinary duties extraordinarily well” to teach us to strive all the time for what is optimum – never satisfied with what is mediocre. To strive for excellence the Bosconian is not afraid of hard and difficult things thus he lives the school’s motto “Ardua non timeo!”