1957991_698129126898148_729846881_nA. DBTC, INC. is a Catholic Educational Institution that believes in the uniqueness of every individual as a person created in the image and likeness of God. Aware of his natural and supernatural gifts, DBTC, INC. educates him towards BECOMING A GOOD CHRISTIAN, that is, bringing him to the realization and grateful appreciation of life’s ultimate purpose and assists him to make a responsible commitment to promote the good of everyone as well as his environment.

B. As a Filipino Educational Institution, it is committed to supporting and inculcating love for country through the preservation and promotion of the Filipino culture and heritage as well as guiding especially the less privileged to become HONEST CITIZENS who can make “heroic” contributions to society.

C. As a Salesian school inspired by the ideas of St. John Bosco, it is conscious of its specific role to EDUCATE THE YOUTH ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLES OF THE PREVENTIVE SYSTEM. This is Don Bosco’s system of education based on the three pillars of REASON, RELIGION AND LOVING KINDNESS, and implemented through ACTIVE PRESENCE.

D. As an Academic school that prepares the young for the future, it is dedicated to giving professional formation which makes recipients academically competent in the pursuit of higher intellectual learning and critical thinking as a preparation for life.

collegeE. As a Technical school, it is distinguished for its training in the acquisition of proficient technical skills necessary for students’ career path or gainful employment in the future thereby answering to the country’s need for workers and entrepreneurs.

F. Like any Salesian school, the unique character of Don Bosco Technology Center as an educational institution is the participative communion and support of everyone in the Educative Pastoral Community (administrators, personnel, teachers, parents, students, alumni and Lay Mission Partners) who are bonded by a strong sense of mission expressed in family spirit and dedication. It is a commitment to educate the young inspired by St. John Bosco’s motto: “Da Mihi Animas Et Coetera Tolle” (Give me souls; take away the rest).


Salesian Bulletin: DBTC@60 On High Gear Still No Fear

Synergy at 60: Grateful of the Past, Engaging the Present, Strengthening the Future with Excellence

60 years ago, three Salesians led by Fr. Atillio Boscariol arrived on March 14, 1954 to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral upon the invitation of the concerned citizens of Cebu to start Don Bosco Boys Town – the city’s work for street kids. Previous to this Fr. Boscariol with Bro. Agustin Lopez and Bro. Luis Iriarte were guests of the Redemptorists at the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Soon they moved to a P12,000 worth building annexed to the cathedral, which was meant to house 30 boys. As days rolled by the initial 4 boys gradually increased in number. Added were another 4 from Asilo Orphanage, 4 from Consolacion Leprosarium, 1 prisoner from the City Jail, a shoeshine boy, a thief, 4 gangsters picked from the pier and some more boys needing reform all with the hope of changing themselves and their future. One boy was told by mom to steal in Boys Town. But he liked Boys Town. So he went back home after returning all things he had stolen. The boy from the city jail also left Boys Town but brought along what he stole. Fr. Boscariol‘s conditions for accepting boys were simple: there was always a place for boys as long as they were homeless, destitute and wayward. The boys ate on army plates. They swept the yard, scrubbed the floors and washed clothes and dishes. They confessed at the nearby Sto. Niño Basilica. They heard mass at the Cathedral, played games at the public basketball court and walked to Abellana High school to attended classes. For outings they had swimming at Marigondon or Talisay. They also at times hiked to Guadalupe or even to far Toledo. The owner of the local movie house provided them free movies like Tarzan, Peter Pan and Robin Hood. It was never an easy task for the Salesians taking care of the ruffians. The street kids were seemingly dumb, not open and insincere. Many in fact were escaping from the center.

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On its 60th Jubilee Year, DBTC went back to its birthplace – Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral for thanksgiving!

After a year on March 5, 1955 Don Bosco Boys Town moved to a new place in Punta Princesa along Buhisan River in a 4 ½ hectare land donated by the late Don Ramon Aboitiz. On 11 Sep 1954 the land had been bought. On 22 Nov 1954 the plans had been drawn and on 5 March 1955 Boys Town transferred to its new location. The Boys Town soon had its own school and was called Don Bosco Technical High School into which the Salesians welcomed other boys too like boarders and day students.

Today in 2014 the Street Boys have all gone. The Boys left behind are no more homeless, destitute, wayward nor poor. Through the sixty years this place has also acquired a new name: Don Bosco Technology Center.

Looking back gratefully to our past pioneers who taught us how to go forward without fear, we at DBTC remain undaunted as now to go through our sixtieth year. Moreover we face yet another sixty with greater optimism and more synergy. Thus for the 60th Jubilee we have fittingly adopted the theme “Synergy at 60: Grateful of the Past, Engaging the Present, Strengthening the Future with Excellence”. As we aim towards further financial stability we look forward to superior quality education.

In the years to come the school aims to make Don Bosco more relevant through its PAASCU Accreditation at all levels, Kto12 standardization and Re-strengthening DBTC Partnership with Industry. With this, DBTC hopes to improve the quality of the education provided with the help of their industry partners. Not only that, we hope to bridge their education to “gainful employment” such that they are assured of a place in society and the industry as well.

Meanwhile DBTC continues to observe long-standing Salesian-Educative-Pastoral practices and traditions that make St. John Bosco’s presence continue to be alive in the school, and most especially, in the hearts of Bosconians and Salesian Educators. There will be programs from the ReEd Department for strengthening Bosconian values. Not to be missed also are the many opportunities offered for the reception of the Sacraments especially the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation particularly during class, departmental, and institutional Eucharistic Celebrations. This is very much in the mind of Don Bosco as essential means to total and real Education and Evangelization. As a long standing tradition, DBTC hopes to continue to give generously to our Mother Church priests and brothers. Among them are two bishops: Msgr. Precioso Cantillas, SDB of the Diocese Maasin, Souther Leyte and Msgr. Patricio Buzon, SDB of the Diocese of Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental. So far the school has on record at least 60 Salesians, diocesan priests and brothers of other religious congregations. These are the fruits of DBTC-brand education for the past 60 years. On the organizational side, ongoing since last year is the Re-strengthening of DBTC as an institution the end product of which would be a new common manual of operations for the whole DBTC.

Definitely at 60 DBTC is already on high gear and still with no  fear!DBTC@fter 60


written for the Salesian Bulletin by Bro. John Quincy Caballo SDB and Fr. Nioret Geronimo Jr. SDB


The history is gleaned from pages 99-128 of the book written by Fr. Nestor C. Impelido SDB with the title: “Salesians in the Philippines – Establishment and Development from Delegation to Province (1951-1963)” printed by Libreria Ateneo Salesiano, Rome in 2007.