School Seal

The School Seal

THIS IS THE SCHOOL SEAL, WHICH APPEARS IN THE SCHOOL UNIFORM OF THE STUDENTS AND STAMPED ON IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. The LAUREL represents the academic curriculum of the school; the GEAR represents the technical training offered by the school. The CROSS represents the Catholic education that every Bosconian receives in Don Bosco Technology Center. The MOUNTAIN stands for Cebu. Altogether, the cross with the rays and the mountain represents the Catholic Education that every Bosconian receives.

This should make him a leaven or a light shining for the entire world to see, thus, making him an active agent in the social transformation of our society.

SY 2013-2014  (35)The school motto “Ardua non Timeo” or “I fear no hardships” alludes to Don Bosco’s untiring efforts to bring boys closer to God. Thus, every Bosconian strives to be a good Christian and an honest citizen. A Bosconian never quits amidst life’s difficulties. A true Bosconian never fear hardships.